It all started with a love for flowers, but today Oleta oversees an entire enterprise of event-related businesses and is sought after for for her signature style - elegant, stately, grand, yet personal - unique to each event, right down to the slightest detail. From humble beginnings in her aunt's flower shop to one of the largest design studios in Los Angeles, Oleta has a true talent for set design, event design, and event production.

     Oleta brings the design capabilities to handle any project, the eye to cover every minor detail to perfection and experience from a broad range of occasions. She has worked for  and represented prestigious names such as Sony Music, Shaquille O’Neal, George Carlin, Gucci, Corum, Hugo Boss, Tommy Bahama, Ben and Jerry Stiller, Joe Pesci, Dominick Dunne, Gray Davis, and Arnold Schwarzenegger to name a few. 

This is my life, my heart, and my passion.
— Oleta Collins, Grandeur Productions


     With over 25 years of design experience in various areas, Aaron brings his unique vision and eye for detail to every Grandeur event. With a passion for bringing concepts into reality and a willingness to work with a client's special needs, Aaron is ready and willing to tackle any event.

I really feel that every wedding, party, or corporate event is another opportunity to challenge ourselves and create something amazing!
— Aaron Bowers, Grandeur Productions